QReportBuilder Consultants Program

What is the QReportBuilder Consultants Program?

With the demand of custom report requests our goal is to focus our efforts on product development and not to do consulting, but to offer incentives and promote those implementing QReportBuilder as a reporting solution. QuickBooks ProAdvisors are the core support network for QuickBooks users; this product is an excellent fit for ProAdvisors who wish to increase revenue by broadening their client base and charging higher rates for creating custom reporting solutions. Our Consultants program is intended to develop a network of professional QReportBuilder Consultants that we can depend on, to deliver the exact custom reports from QuickBooks the end-users require!

Benefits of Enrolling in the Program

  1. Expand your client base and increase your revenue with custom reporting solutions.
  2. Report Consultants receive a special reseller discount on QReportBuilder, so they can offer the product to each of their customers to deploy the reports that have been custom built for them at a discounted rate if they choose.
  3. A support system setup for Report Consultants to use for hands-on help with creating reports, in particular the data selection process, so that you can deliver your reports quickly without too much research.
  4. Your name and contact information will be listed as a Report Consultants resource on our web site.
  5. You will have access to a report requests lead system.
  6. We are also accepting sample report submissions for inclusion within the product. If your report submission is accepted, your name, logo and phone number may be placed at the top of the sample report for anyone evaluating or using QReportBuilder to see, naming you as part of the QReportBuilder team of consultants.
  7. Through a live RSS feed within QReportBuilder, promote your expertise to anyone evaluating or using QReportBuilder by submitting an approved tip of the day, scheduled webinar that you are hosting, training classes etc.

How Do I Become Part of the QReportBuilder Consulting Team?

  • You must own a registered copy of QReportBuilder
  • Complete the online application form
  • Furnish us with two client referrals that you have created custom reports using QReportBuilder
  • Submit a custom sample report for review (upon approval you can submit this report for inclusion in QReportBuilder if you so choose)

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